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So now your business is up and running, its time to grow.


But how and where to expand? It might be another shop, new product range, complimentary products, the options are endless and Big Ears can offer expansion planning and ideas for growth.

A business that's been running a while might start to feel comfortable and easy, but this can also mean complacency and stagnation, don't let the market move on without you. Allowing Big Ears' big eyes to take a fresh look your business, might reveal some new income streams that don't take a huge amount of time to incorporate.

Read Alanah's story

'My little independent pub had only been open for 6 months when the first lockdown hit. Overnight I quickly moved from a burgeoning new business to nothing. After speaking to Sheena, she gave me some new ideas to help me diversify and quickly set me up with a website so I could sell online and generate some much needed sales.

Today, the new ideas are fully in place and I plan to carry on with these areas even when we can reopen as a pub.  Thanks Sheena, couldn't have done it without you.

Alanah is the owner of the Bear & Wolf pub in Kidderminster.

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